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We're very sorry that we have not posted news in awhile. The holidays have kept us busy, and John and Katie have been updating everyone daily on the Facebook page (

Anyways, Hawk's journey has been a roller coaster. It has been physically draining on him, but he's our litter fighter, and it has also been physically and emotionally draining for John and Katie. To sum the past few weeks up- Hawk was taken out of the medicall-induced coma because the seizures had ceased, seizures returned but then were controlled by medicine, more clots were found in legs and arms, moved into a regular room from PICU, moved to hemotology floor, moved to PICU, seizures reduced, moving back to hemotology.

Here is a short run down of Hawk's medical illnesses:


bleeding in his brain

intra cranial hemorrhage



high sodium

diabetes insipidus

low hemoglobin

low platelets

blood clot in rt leg

blood clot in rt arm

blood clot in left leg

acid reflux

high blood pressure

Please continue to pray for Hawk and the Harrison family!

If you have access to Facebook, you can check for updates there as well. (We are going to try to be better at transferring the updates, but the updates sometimes come late at night, during work, or when we are away from a computer.)

You can donate to #DoItForHawk to support the Harrison's financially or with letters of encouragement, mail to PO Box 60, Gillsville, GA 30543

God bless!

From John: Sat. Dec. 9th

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Day 5—12/8/12


Please continue to write your prayers in the comments each day because they really are very lifting to see so many praying for hawk!

So as I left off, there was a ct scheduled this morning at 6. I spent all day yesterday from 4pm when he started the seizures until we went to go get the ct this morning trying to get them to go ahead and do it earlier. They said you don’t want to expose a child to too much radiation at which point I said…”is 12 hrs going to make a difference, we already have one scheduled for 6am tomorrow?” There was no clear reasoning after that other than one IDIOT that said we don’t want to do it at night bc its so hard for the nurses and ct people! What the crap! He is a resident which means its like his student teaching. Well, I told his teacher that he was crap. I say all that to say this…after all my asking to hurry and the idiot saying no and the PICU night dock saying it wasn’t needed and the attending night doc not saying go ahead, we were woken up at 4:30am to the IDIOT guy saying we needed to do a ct STAT! As you can see I am bitter towards him. We got some other labs back and it wasn’t good but not horrible, but we did have to do another blood transfusion. After that STAT ct, it took over 5 hrs until we got the result back. Itd things like this that make me want to lose my mind. I am telling them what I feel in my gut and they don’t listen, then they do it. The results were not good. The right ventricle was still the same(good) but the left had more hydrocephalus(fluid build up) and the bad news…Hawk has blood showing on his brain. This is bad but there are a couple hypotheses as to why. 1-it could be new blood. 2-because it was such a large clot to begin with, it could be draining from that but its not likely. After thi< I was asking many questions because I am worn out and tired and frustrated and its time to get things going toward health. I know this is what they have been doing the whole time, but it doesn’t hardly ever feel like it when its your only son laying there and they are not having the same opinions. Sorry for the little soap box. Finally, Dr. rooble came in and explained all of the ct to me. I had a couple questions; 1-why is drain not working(probably bc its in the clot), 2-can you put another evd in the other side, 3-if we are trying heparin to thin the blood to help move the bodies natural ability to break down clots quicker, why don’t we just flush the evd with heparin instead of saline? They guy under him was extremely nice, another one of my favorites too. So it was interesting, they decided to put TPA, an actual drug that will decompose clots into the tube. This is very scary and they actually wanted me to ok the decision because they know the TPA will work, they just don’t know how much. . That is a very hard thing to do! Because The major risk is that it will work too much and open the bleed again. So we put the TPA into the EVD(drain tube) and had to keep it closed for 30 min to let it work. After the 30 min we were to open it and hopefully see blood coming out bc this meant it was the clot that was decomposed. It worked….for about an hour at which point, we noticed that it looked like it stopped draining and thinkits due to the clot coming out and the drug wearing off causing it to clot again in the actual clear tube that we can see. We called, well the nrse called for nuero surgeon to come check it out at about 11 or 12 and we haven’t seen him yet. Its 7:25! She did talk to him once and he said he is across the street at emory doing a surgery but he would call his helper to come look at it when he could. Now night shift is coming in and we are kind of worried because it didn’t go so wll last night. Some of them just seemed like they didn’t care but our nurse was good. They called another nurse to help ours take Hawk to ct and she was power tripping like crazy.

From John: Fri. Dec. 7th

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Day 4—12/7/12


Please continue to post prayers on here. They really do help Hawk, Katie, and I


We got up this morning without much change through the night. Some things better some things worse but overall about the same. Spoke with Louis, the fellow for the neurosurgeon. He is one of my favorite. He went over some results with me and explained why they aren’t moving any faster. Sat in on the rounds again today. Hawk is responding to the heparin on paper, but docs don’t want ot do another ct yet. Red blood cell count is down again but not enough to transfuse. They concentrated his meds to the maximum they can and added some calories to his feeds so that we can cut down on his liquids. He is getting swollen from the extra fluids. We were moving along fine and we got a call from the people that watch the EEG (looks at brain functions) and they said he had a 15 second seizure. This sucks because that means we have to suppress him even more. We don’t do well at that. We went to lunch and as we were coming back, we got on the elevator with some folks we saw in the PICU (pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and spoke to them a little and went our separate ways. I wanted to tlak to them about their child bc I felt like its what I needed to do in my spirit. Well, I dropped the ball and we went our separate ways. When I got to the check in window, I couldn’t go in bc I had forgotten that I had our leftovers and you cant bring any cooked food in. As I was going to put it in the common fridge for the PICU, I saw the other parents again and started talking to them. They have been here for a week with their 10 mo. Old daughter. Please pray for this family (I will give you first names tomorrow if they are ok with it). After talking to them for a second, I asked them to go to dinner with us. While all that was going on, the neurologist stopped by our room and talked to Katie for a second and she tried to stall him so I could talk to him. We were sitting in our room later when the parents I invited to dinner came to our door and let us know they were going to get dinner and made sure we could come. So we got to sit down and talk with them about all our different emotions and obstacles. We headed back up with them and on the way up, we saw another guy who got here with his son the same day we did. Please pray for them too. This is a draining place to be. Thank God for good, positive nurses and other parents that have hope. After we all talked a min, we went our separate ways. Katie and I have spent the rest of the time in the room and they let us put some lotion on Hawk and adjust his leg position, stretch his fingers, feet, ankles, toes, etc. and could even move some of his joints. This was good for Hawk and therapeutic for us as well. At 4pm the nuero team notiied our nurse that he was again having seizure activity. That has been going on since then, and they have been “chasing” the correct levels of suppression to stop seizure activity. This sucks so badly. Katie is trying to rest while I am driving the staff crazy trying to get answers. I am going to try to sleep a little while before the ct that is scheduled at 6am tomorrow.



From John: Thurs. Dec. 6th

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Sorry its been so long on an update.


Thanks so much for all the prayers. They have been an extreme blessing to Hawk, Katie, and I.


Its very hard for us right now to stay focused on good thoughts because satan is filling our mind with junk crapy unholy thoughts. The bible says forget not the past but FOCUS on the things that are ahead. We are trying our best to do that. However, that isn’t always happening. So we would like for you to literally pray on our behalf.


We are going to try to update each evening.


Day 3—12/6/12

We got up and ate breakfast. When we came back, I was allowed to attend the docs morning meeting for Hawk. They decided to do another ct to see if the brain tube was doing its job. They gave him pentobar which will put him into a medically induced coma. They are trying to only suppress him until the seizures stop, but at this time they dotn know how much that is. They spent most of the day trying to get the right amount of heparin and pentobarb to thin his blood and suppress him enough to not have any seizures. In the early afternoon, we got results from a lab confirming a drop in red blood cells. With this info, they decided that he needed to have a blood transfusion. The transfusion was kind of two fold. They don’t know if the count of red blood cells was low because they were low or because we had drawn so much blood out of his little body. They were drawing two cc every 4 hrs at first until a lab person told them that they could do all the labs needed with a much smaller amount. He had another ct scan this morning and we finally got the results back showing that the drain tube insterted into his brain is working. The negative news is that you can put a tube in one ventricle so it only drained fluid from that ventricle but the other got minimally larger. There was some discussion from neurosurgeon that we may add another to other side. Another drain tube (E.V.D.) was decided against because of the risk of infection. During the middle of the night, there was a tense moment when I woke up to a lot of people in the room. I jumped up and figured out they couldn’t see any movement in his pupils when they shined a light into them. Someone confirmed their was very slight movement. All of the other vitals pointed to the same conclusion. His ICP and BP were within range so were able to take a deep breath a kind of get some sleep. Most sleep comes between Katie’s pumping milk and around any rounds or scheduled results. Not too long after the scare, the neurosurgeon resident came in and flushed his EVD (drain tube) to make sure it was still draining. This is nerve racking because they are actually adding fluid to the ventricle to make sure it is draining fluid. A few hours later, I wake up to him in the room again, so I hop up because it wasn’t time for him to be back. They sensed the tube wasn’t working right so he changed the clear tube connected to the EVD to a high pressure tube that is a little bigger. After the changing of tube, we were able to get desired wave form which is the line that shows the pressure in his head. It should resemble the BP line.

From John: Thurs. Dec. 6th (afternoon)

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Decided to update one more time.

When you comment on our statuses, please comment with your actual prayer! It doesnt have to be long and drawn out, but it can be. This will help us stay focused and positive. Its so easy to let satan into our thoughts and I believe this will help prevent that.

We are waiting on another ct scan. they decided to go ahead and do it early instead of waiting 24 hrs. This will be a huge sign of the improvement or lack there of.

Remember to DoItForHawk and post your complete prayer in the comments or on the doitforhawk facebook page or website.

From John: Wed. Dec. 5th (PM)

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This will be our final post for a little while.

It is very hard to say all of this because Hawk is our little, sweet, man.

Hawk is going to have an agressive anti coagulant to hopefully break up the clot. However, there is a high risk mentioned by some docs and a low by others. With his state right now, docs feel this is the best option.

All we know is that when this drip goes in, we should know within 48 hours wich direction he is going. The hepron (anti coagulant)can break up the clot as well as cause more bleeding. Before they start the hepron they needed to put a drain tube into his ventricle because he started getting added pressure due to fluid not leaving the ventricle (hydrocephelus). This drain tube served a duel purpose as it is also used to measure the pressure in the ventricle. The tube has been inserted in his brain and we are seeing some reduced pressures. Along with the drain tube, they decided that it was best to put him in a medically induced coma (pentobarbitol) to make him totally relaxed. this gives his little brain the best chance for success.

We love all of you, but please do not call us. We are very tired and cant really get words out when we talk to others anyway. If you have something you want to say, Maddison Knick made a page ( and you can post there.

Katie and I want to thank you for your prayers and support.


From Katie: Wed. Dec. 5th (afternoon)

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Please pray for all the doctors to be led by God. They are meeting at 2pm to talk about what to do next.

From Katie: Wed. Dec. 5th (afternoon)

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Still having seizures but they are only visible by seeing his eyes flutter because he is on meds and worn out. Praise God for some hope though: the attending neurologist said that where the bleeding is located in his brain does leave him a chance at being a normal functioning boy. Not to get our hopes to high. Keep praying, I know you will, it's working.

Katie's 1st Update: Tues. Dec. 4th (AM)

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Our sweet baby Hawk had seizures last night and today the MRI shows bleeding and clots in his brain. We don't know anything else yet. We are at Children's at Eggleston. We are heartbroken but must believe that God will work miracles. Please pray for that. We will post when we know something new. We would rather not answer many individual texts so feel free to update people who do not have Facebook.