From John: Thurs. Dec. 6th

Posted by mknick14 on December 8, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Sorry its been so long on an update.


Thanks so much for all the prayers. They have been an extreme blessing to Hawk, Katie, and I.


Its very hard for us right now to stay focused on good thoughts because satan is filling our mind with junk crapy unholy thoughts. The bible says forget not the past but FOCUS on the things that are ahead. We are trying our best to do that. However, that isn’t always happening. So we would like for you to literally pray on our behalf.


We are going to try to update each evening.


Day 3—12/6/12

We got up and ate breakfast. When we came back, I was allowed to attend the docs morning meeting for Hawk. They decided to do another ct to see if the brain tube was doing its job. They gave him pentobar which will put him into a medically induced coma. They are trying to only suppress him until the seizures stop, but at this time they dotn know how much that is. They spent most of the day trying to get the right amount of heparin and pentobarb to thin his blood and suppress him enough to not have any seizures. In the early afternoon, we got results from a lab confirming a drop in red blood cells. With this info, they decided that he needed to have a blood transfusion. The transfusion was kind of two fold. They don’t know if the count of red blood cells was low because they were low or because we had drawn so much blood out of his little body. They were drawing two cc every 4 hrs at first until a lab person told them that they could do all the labs needed with a much smaller amount. He had another ct scan this morning and we finally got the results back showing that the drain tube insterted into his brain is working. The negative news is that you can put a tube in one ventricle so it only drained fluid from that ventricle but the other got minimally larger. There was some discussion from neurosurgeon that we may add another to other side. Another drain tube (E.V.D.) was decided against because of the risk of infection. During the middle of the night, there was a tense moment when I woke up to a lot of people in the room. I jumped up and figured out they couldn’t see any movement in his pupils when they shined a light into them. Someone confirmed their was very slight movement. All of the other vitals pointed to the same conclusion. His ICP and BP were within range so were able to take a deep breath a kind of get some sleep. Most sleep comes between Katie’s pumping milk and around any rounds or scheduled results. Not too long after the scare, the neurosurgeon resident came in and flushed his EVD (drain tube) to make sure it was still draining. This is nerve racking because they are actually adding fluid to the ventricle to make sure it is draining fluid. A few hours later, I wake up to him in the room again, so I hop up because it wasn’t time for him to be back. They sensed the tube wasn’t working right so he changed the clear tube connected to the EVD to a high pressure tube that is a little bigger. After the changing of tube, we were able to get desired wave form which is the line that shows the pressure in his head. It should resemble the BP line.

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