From John: Fri. Dec. 7th

Posted by mknick14 on December 8, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Day 4—12/7/12


Please continue to post prayers on here. They really do help Hawk, Katie, and I


We got up this morning without much change through the night. Some things better some things worse but overall about the same. Spoke with Louis, the fellow for the neurosurgeon. He is one of my favorite. He went over some results with me and explained why they aren’t moving any faster. Sat in on the rounds again today. Hawk is responding to the heparin on paper, but docs don’t want ot do another ct yet. Red blood cell count is down again but not enough to transfuse. They concentrated his meds to the maximum they can and added some calories to his feeds so that we can cut down on his liquids. He is getting swollen from the extra fluids. We were moving along fine and we got a call from the people that watch the EEG (looks at brain functions) and they said he had a 15 second seizure. This sucks because that means we have to suppress him even more. We don’t do well at that. We went to lunch and as we were coming back, we got on the elevator with some folks we saw in the PICU (pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and spoke to them a little and went our separate ways. I wanted to tlak to them about their child bc I felt like its what I needed to do in my spirit. Well, I dropped the ball and we went our separate ways. When I got to the check in window, I couldn’t go in bc I had forgotten that I had our leftovers and you cant bring any cooked food in. As I was going to put it in the common fridge for the PICU, I saw the other parents again and started talking to them. They have been here for a week with their 10 mo. Old daughter. Please pray for this family (I will give you first names tomorrow if they are ok with it). After talking to them for a second, I asked them to go to dinner with us. While all that was going on, the neurologist stopped by our room and talked to Katie for a second and she tried to stall him so I could talk to him. We were sitting in our room later when the parents I invited to dinner came to our door and let us know they were going to get dinner and made sure we could come. So we got to sit down and talk with them about all our different emotions and obstacles. We headed back up with them and on the way up, we saw another guy who got here with his son the same day we did. Please pray for them too. This is a draining place to be. Thank God for good, positive nurses and other parents that have hope. After we all talked a min, we went our separate ways. Katie and I have spent the rest of the time in the room and they let us put some lotion on Hawk and adjust his leg position, stretch his fingers, feet, ankles, toes, etc. and could even move some of his joints. This was good for Hawk and therapeutic for us as well. At 4pm the nuero team notiied our nurse that he was again having seizure activity. That has been going on since then, and they have been “chasing” the correct levels of suppression to stop seizure activity. This sucks so badly. Katie is trying to rest while I am driving the staff crazy trying to get answers. I am going to try to sleep a little while before the ct that is scheduled at 6am tomorrow.



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