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Posted by mknick14 on December 8, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Day 5—12/8/12


Please continue to write your prayers in the comments each day because they really are very lifting to see so many praying for hawk!

So as I left off, there was a ct scheduled this morning at 6. I spent all day yesterday from 4pm when he started the seizures until we went to go get the ct this morning trying to get them to go ahead and do it earlier. They said you don’t want to expose a child to too much radiation at which point I said…”is 12 hrs going to make a difference, we already have one scheduled for 6am tomorrow?” There was no clear reasoning after that other than one IDIOT that said we don’t want to do it at night bc its so hard for the nurses and ct people! What the crap! He is a resident which means its like his student teaching. Well, I told his teacher that he was crap. I say all that to say this…after all my asking to hurry and the idiot saying no and the PICU night dock saying it wasn’t needed and the attending night doc not saying go ahead, we were woken up at 4:30am to the IDIOT guy saying we needed to do a ct STAT! As you can see I am bitter towards him. We got some other labs back and it wasn’t good but not horrible, but we did have to do another blood transfusion. After that STAT ct, it took over 5 hrs until we got the result back. Itd things like this that make me want to lose my mind. I am telling them what I feel in my gut and they don’t listen, then they do it. The results were not good. The right ventricle was still the same(good) but the left had more hydrocephalus(fluid build up) and the bad news…Hawk has blood showing on his brain. This is bad but there are a couple hypotheses as to why. 1-it could be new blood. 2-because it was such a large clot to begin with, it could be draining from that but its not likely. After thi< I was asking many questions because I am worn out and tired and frustrated and its time to get things going toward health. I know this is what they have been doing the whole time, but it doesn’t hardly ever feel like it when its your only son laying there and they are not having the same opinions. Sorry for the little soap box. Finally, Dr. rooble came in and explained all of the ct to me. I had a couple questions; 1-why is drain not working(probably bc its in the clot), 2-can you put another evd in the other side, 3-if we are trying heparin to thin the blood to help move the bodies natural ability to break down clots quicker, why don’t we just flush the evd with heparin instead of saline? They guy under him was extremely nice, another one of my favorites too. So it was interesting, they decided to put TPA, an actual drug that will decompose clots into the tube. This is very scary and they actually wanted me to ok the decision because they know the TPA will work, they just don’t know how much. . That is a very hard thing to do! Because The major risk is that it will work too much and open the bleed again. So we put the TPA into the EVD(drain tube) and had to keep it closed for 30 min to let it work. After the 30 min we were to open it and hopefully see blood coming out bc this meant it was the clot that was decomposed. It worked….for about an hour at which point, we noticed that it looked like it stopped draining and thinkits due to the clot coming out and the drug wearing off causing it to clot again in the actual clear tube that we can see. We called, well the nrse called for nuero surgeon to come check it out at about 11 or 12 and we haven’t seen him yet. Its 7:25! She did talk to him once and he said he is across the street at emory doing a surgery but he would call his helper to come look at it when he could. Now night shift is coming in and we are kind of worried because it didn’t go so wll last night. Some of them just seemed like they didn’t care but our nurse was good. They called another nurse to help ours take Hawk to ct and she was power tripping like crazy.

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